I'm just a simple cat out of Atlanta,Ga who's trying to make a name for himself in this unique world of photography. The things I've seen & been through have inspired me to

"Capture Every Moment" through the lens.I say that because

you never know what you might miss, that's

why every movement, every smile, every fall, I like to catch it.

My craft reflects how I feel everyday, every moment, every second & that is FREE. With my mind & lens at hand I am able to project images that most people are afraid to reveal. I do have some "Tasteful" work as well, which is simply "Black Art". I Have a deep passion for what I do & the things that I capture. You have to have a certain mindset , a certain structure for this line of craft. Some days you might not be able to come up with anything & some days you might have a creative outburst where you're creating everything under the sun. Patience & the will to want to get better everyday , every second is key. Creating isn't' a game or hobby for me. This is life. 

Hopefully you'll enjoy these great images I've captured for you all. 

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